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Dr Pallabi Bhagawati

Welcome to our Pack 

I am Pallabi, a veterinarian and certified canine nutritionist with over 15 years of experience. I currently live in my beautiful Indian village with my pack that consist of 'SPOT' a cultured spitz puppy (although grown up but still puppy for me), and seven stray darlings from our village. I love cooking for my dear dogs and offer them the healthiest food I can offer. 

Come join us and be part of our big canine pack. Explore healthy and easy homemade and raw dog food recipes and try them for your fur babies. 

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I am SPOT - Mummy's lil boy

Mummy says, I am naughty, but I say, I am just lil more active than her. I love mummy made foods. She puts so much efforts to my bowl. I have 7 brothers and sisters who lives nearby. Sometimes I am jealous of them when mummy shares food made for me. Don't tell anyone!

Hey, do you want to be part of our pack?

Come join us and enjoy my mummy made dog food 

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